Tumblr Features

Most likely due to rapid growth and adoption, Tumblr leaves alot of its feature docmuentation hard to find, or not fully fleshed out.

Here is what I have found so far.

tumblr dot features at gmail dot com

Apr 23

Uploading images to use in themes

Currently, Tumblr will display all images you upload to it. This is pesky if you want to upload an image to be used as a background, or as part of a theme.

You dont want “layout-critical” images displayed in your stream of content.

Currently, my way around this is:

  1. Upload the file like a normal photo
  2. View the file via Tumblr like a normal photo
  3. Right-Click and “Copy Image Location” - Put this in notepad.
  4. Click on the “Add/Edit my posts” link in the upper right.
  5. Delete the post containing the thematic element.
    1. I have not noticed any garbage collection routines that clear out uploaded images after they are deleted.  This may be implemented later.
  6. Click “Change Settings” to edit your theme.
  7. Use the URL from notepad where you would like to use your image within the theme editor.
Note: Based on Tumblr’s image resize, you will be limited to an image width of 500px unless you specify the width differently in the IMG tag.
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